Young aletta ocean


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Muktilar 2 years ago
shortly, my baby tx so much (L)
Duzilkree 2 years ago
Notice how you didn't debate Acosta was a cretin .
Tagar 2 years ago
let me juice in your chocolate
Moogushakar 2 years ago
No, it's not an accomplishment. Staying happily married for decades can be.
Vudal 2 years ago
I know that feeling. Anymore many accept as fact any caricature that exists out there regarding 'those people,' whomever that may be to them. There's this human impulse to simplify the complex through excessive labeling and generalization. People are complicated, and trying to define whole groups based on their geographic location is STUPID. Southerner here, so I've heard it all, 'Do you ride a horse to work and wear cowboy boots???' 'NO! That's dumb, you're dumb.'

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